How to clean a Ricoh Aficio SH 3110sfnw ink cartridge nozzle?

Easy, with warm to hot water from the sink 😛 now it was an emergency for me after getting an error message displaying asking me to contact service error code “SC 28113”. After google search for fix, 90% said to replace the ink cartridge then turn on the printer and let it run it normal power up mode. For my case that didn’t work, however I do see the message saying my K black ink cartridge is low, after looking at it and fill it up, I noticed the nozzle appear to have been clogged because the cartridge is filled up full but the ink not going to nozzle. So to me it appears to have been dried so what to do? well from knowledge warm water or hot water will undried it, well it work, let it soak in warm to hot water for like 5-10mins and then shake it a little bit and wallah I see the ink now moving to the nozzle. 😛

unclog printer ink cartridge with warm to hot water to clear the clog dried out ink on the nozzle