Thong Tran

I discovered Bitcoin after running Folding@Home

I am blessed that I discovered Bitcoin in late 2011. Back in late 2011 Bitcoin price was about $2 and I was doing research about Bitcoin where I can use my powerful super computers to mine it. I can then exchange the Bitcoin to money, I still don’t get it, how can something be virtual and worth something like cash money?

End of 2011 beginning of 2012 I decided to switch my computer power to mine Bitcoin. Sadly I had to end Folding@Home, but I think I contribute a lot of work for Folding@Home. So in 2011 Bitcoin price was $2, and then in 2012 Bitcoin hit $10 and mid 2013 it hit $100, that is when I decided to keep my Bitcoin instead of donating it or give it out. read more