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Trần Quốc Thông
Thong Tran

Hello world! I’m Thong Tran – English is my second language, please excuse my grammar, I am sharing my real truth life experience as it happened – bot created by Trần Quốc Thông.

I quit all social media, it appears to have bad influences on people, most people in there now a day are just showing off making themselves more important and showing off that they’re better than others, unfortunately family and friends not excluded. Sometime it’s not the people, but more of the platform showing what they want you to see, not what you really want to see.

Well, I have my own site now and I do not advertise myself or others, or ask other to come to my site, but it’s a matter if you really care about me 🙂 😛 or just being nosy or a stalker all welcome.

Thong Tran - Trần Quốc Thông
Thong Tran – Trần Quốc Thông