Thong Tran

Being a safe investors is great going through a Bitcoin Cryptos price crashing

I consider myself as a safe investor. I started investing in Bitcoin back in early 2013. How I found out about Bitcoin was hard work and dedication sitting in front of the computer researching all day all night long to find opportunities that I can get involve with little to no money, or with what I currently have which are a bunch of computers.

I stumbled upon Folding@Home from a forum that I webhost for. I started Folding@home for a few months to a year, with 1 laptop then a desktop and eventually a few desktop with high end cpu. I took a vacation as usual with the family visiting Vietnam, and I a got a call from my work saying that my job is impacted, in other word I got laid off, let go, I lost my job basically. I was scare and kind of joyful at the same time, maybe this was the moment I was looking for new opportunities or career change. I was with the company for more than 15 years at the time, however they got me back within weeks and I work for another 5 years before I wrote resignation letter, total of 20 years working for a corporation. read more