Thong Tran

How to shut down the quadcopter or drone when it’s crashing?

Well I got myself a drone (quadcopter) been learning on how to fly it, and recently I got hurt by it, bloody face, finger and elbow because those propeller from the drone or quadcopter is super powerful like a weed wacker. I did not read the direction on how to use just watched some youtube videos. So how to stop the propeller from spinning during a crash?

I got a few answer for this particular model.

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“How do I shut off the power to the propeller when it’s crashing to a tree? It spins like a weed wacker I’m afraid to touch it might chop off my finger”

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“If you shut it completely down while flying you are going to crash anyway so you shouldn’t shut it down. But anyway, you can hit the lock on the remote to shut the drone propellers off.”
“Threw a towel on it than pull out the battery and avoid flying by the trees go higher with the drone to avoided the issues with crashing it. I’ve hadn’t that issue yet.”
“Pull down both control sticks”
Stanley M. Smith
“Push power button on remote. Don’t do in flight. If the drone is not In flight pressing the power on the remote will kill engines.”
Henry House
“If it’s crashing why would you touch it let it crash.push the land button or hold the lock button for 3 seconds it will stop”
Cathy W.