Cloudflare down 30mins to 1 hr but when Hostgator down? it’s more than 4 days

That’s right, there’s a server on Hostgator gator4305 and maybe 4304 also, it’s been down since Friday July 17th, and today is July 20th, and it is still down.

So what happen when customer contact Hostgator support? the answer is, “please wait another couple hours” and that’s the answer for 4 days straight. So what happen when customer contact Hostgator support about 98-99% uptime guaranteed? the answer “it was planned maintenance or emergency maintenance” so call controller swap that taken 4 days and counting? So in other word, if you’re looking for compensation for your business site or something no chance of getting any compensation, they will use “emergency maintenance” so nothing for you, next step? sue them!

So bottom line, why would anybody still with Hostgator? some may say, well it never happened to my account, yeah good luck with that, one day it will and you will be sorry. Down time like 10-15mins is acceptable, but 4 days and counting?

Some say this was a trick, a strategy by Hostgator to get people whom purchased a good black friday deal for cheap like 75% off and they put everyone on this server, and now Hostgator want to get rid of these customers by playing games? who knows maybe they are, by making these customer feel stress out and leave, can’t get your money back, can’t get compensation, even if you use 99% guaranteed, but that guaranteed said they only give you 1 free month if it’s not a scheduled maintenance or emergency maintenance even if it lasted 4 days and counting?