Thong Tran

Replace broken garage exhaust fan with box fan?

Yes, and it’s not that hard 🙂 fro me that is.

Well I got a broken exhaust fan for the garage, it’s been out of service for a great while, just recently the weather been pretty hot, I mean super hot 90+ everyday now, but got a little bit rain earlier. The exhaust fan I got was cheap china made poor quality on the motor, the motor did not last long, even I tried to do routine maintenance like adding grease and cleaning it with WD-40, and even replace a thermal fuse, but the last it went out, it went out, I don’t really know what wrong with it or have the time to trouble shoot this chinese made.

So I decided to replaced it with the $15 box fan I got from walmart good deal one. Basically took out the motor fan and cut the fan to fit the existing exhaust fan mount, then add some mounting from good quality wood to stabilize it. Seems to be working well. Except I might need to adjust a bit so the fan blade doesn’t hit the opening shutter when it open fully.

replaced broken garage exhaust fan with box fan completed by Thong Tran
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