Thong Tran

I am using Speech-to-Text is a test for this post

Today is July 7th 2020. I am blocking from my phone using the speech to text keyboard. If this is working it will help me a lot because my right arm have problem with tennis elbow.

yesterday while I was working in the garage I noticed my right arm cable started having tingling pain. after I finished working in the garage I went back down to my basement computer and start to use the computer then I notice the pain on my right arm seems to be a lot of tennis elbow which I had a year ago that lasted for about almost 6 months

so look like I have tennis elbow ongoing for a while. The cars I believe have to do with repetitive tasks even though I limited myself from using the computer keyboard and mouse but still I’m having issues. So it might not be necessary the cause was from using a keyboard or computer mouse. So I think as I am growing older and more health issues arise which is typical.

so I am going to end this post block saying that this whole post is 99% speech to text voice. The only time I have to not using the speech to text is when I have to tap on the enter button or click on post and so on.