The process of removing your MetroPCS high security password?

If you do not remember your MetroPCS high security password then you can only recover or remove it by going to a MetroPCS store, the good news is they’re everywhere now a day.

If you remember your high security password MetroPCS then you can call the customer service # or 611 from your phone and ask them to remove it. However the high security password removed, it will be replaced with your PIN # and a secret question.

This is just to be able to access your account online.

Similar encounter from an unhappy customer posted on this site: Below quote”

MetroPCS Sucks – Terrible Horrible Bad Customer Service
For over a week I argued, begged and pleaded at every level, 6 store reps, 6 online reps. In my opinion all of them incompetent and many rude. Autopay account deleted and recreate at least 4 times. Everyone keeps saying the same thing just go in and update to account info. The account was even verified by a Corporate Center supervisor. Phone service has been shut off twice. Even after the store manager at the Corporate Center assured me that it had been restored. Then I found the emails for coroprate HQ. Two emails to three execs and the problem was fixed in two hours.You do the math.
Email CEO – [email protected]
Email COO – [email protected]
Email VP Customer Care – [email protected]
Corporate HQ Phone – 214 265-2550

Pass this link around:
I predicated thaat this is exactly what would happen.
While I believe that this merger is good for the consumer in general, it’s bad for the metroPCS subscribers. I’m glad that I bailed. If it was bad to be a Metro customer before, it’s horrible now. Customers will be jumping ship by the boat load. Exactly, what T-mobile wants! After all they are buying the company for it band spectrum, not the customer base. The best case would be to take their Metro phones, get them unlocked and subscribe to goSmart Phone. I think that’s the basic game plan. A plan that’s $5 cheaper, without the narrow channels that Metro uses a much faster 4g, and way better coverage and much better customer support. Not bad unless you have a phone that can’t be unlocked or you can’t unlock the one you have.

Then you’ll have to queue up for your GSM/HSPA handsets and throw your old CDMA phones away. Remember the ‘service and plan subject to change’ fine print. Well, it’s about to kick-in. If any of you think that T-mobile is going to slow it’s race to compete with Verizon and AT&T, I have a bridge for sale. With their 40mhz pipe, double that of Verizon and AT&T, they have much, much more data capacity, which is where the action is. So, they have Verizon and AT&T in their sights. Do they have the capital and expertise to pull it off? I don’t know, but it’ll be fun to watch. That means the quickest possible phase out of Metro’s CDMA net and the assimilation of it’s towers, and more importantly band spectrum, into the T-mobile net is probably their highest priority. It would be mine.

The only question that remains is how many 100’s of millions of dollars will the top executives at Metro get for selling their company, it’s employees and their subscribers down the river. If you think Metro’s customer service was bad before. You haven’t seen nothin’ yet.
I can buy a Galaxy III from T-mobile for $99 with unlimited 4g for $90 a month. I buy same phone for $499 with unlimted 4g (service and plan subject to change) for $30. In a few months the T-mobile buy-out is completed. Is there anyone that does not belive that the $30 plan is not going to $90? If so I have a bridge for sale. I wonder exactly how many folks will fall for this scam. IMO, T-mobile is buying Metro for the bandwidth not the customer base and certainly not for this plan that reaps short term profit (including increased stock price) great for Metro exes, not so much for you.
The details of my personal nightmare with the terrible horrible customer service are
in my complaint/possible T-Mobile/Sprint MetroPCS merger endorsement letter to the FCC.

Over a year ago I signed up for Atuo pay for my cell phone and everything was working fine. The credit card that I used expired and I never received the replacement. Therefore a replacement card with a new number was issued. So I logged onto the web site and found the credit card payment screen and changed the number two weeks before my payment was due.
April 16th about 3:00 pm
I received a text informing me that Metro was unable to process my auto payment and my nightmare began. I logged on to the system and after much searching found what looked like a customer support entry form and filled it out. Received an email instructing me that you can’t change credit card number on credit card screen you have to go to eWallet delete the payment type and recreate it. It seemed a strange way to update a credit card number but was not a problem. Was also told that they wanted to track it and to respond with an email. Problem is that every one of the dozen emails that were sent to me were noreply. I spent hours on the web site looking for an email to no avail. I verified that the new number ending 8342 had replaced the old number ending 6323.
April 17th about 3:00 pm
I received a confirmation that a change was made to my eWallet and another text informing me that Metro was unable to process my auto payment. At the same time I. checked repeatedly. The credit card information was correct but the balance was not paid. So, I began my trek through area dealers looking for someone that could help me begin. First I went to the office on Washington Street in Boston they suggested the office on Winter Street in Boston the counter person suggested the corporate office in corporate in Dorchester. I told they that I had already had the misfortune of dealing with that office. He said yea he knew that the customer already in that office was being, served by the woman at this office was listening to another Dorchester horror story. Directing a customer with a problem to an office that they knew would not be able to help them. nice touch. I talked to every MetroPCS user that I could find. The consensus was that the only office in the greater Metro Boston area that had a competent staff was the one on Mass Ave in Cambridge. Wonderful even more time off from work.
April 18th about 9:30 am
I go to the corporate center in Cambridge, MA. In my opinion, Jose was even less informed than the other counter folks that it had been my misfortune to encounter. I told him my story and he told me “That the MetroPCS website doesn’t work when accessed through an ISP”. What!? That he had a direct connect to the computer. I was stunned. If I hadn’t been there in person I would have never believed that the following conversation was possible. Me: “So you’re saying that the Website is worthless”. Him: “I can’t sat that.” It’s a very interesting choice of words. Me: “But you just said that the website didn’t work if you accessed it form a network?” Him: “Yes”. Me: “That the only way to get it to work is with a direct hard line?” Him: “Yes.” Me: “You don’t access the corporate date center with a network?” Him: “No, I don’t”. Me: “And you have a direct hard line to the corporate data center?” Him: “Yes, I do”. Right!
Oh BTW, I have a degree in electronics and a degree in computer science. I’ve worked in IT for 25 years and a former boss and I wired a data center. So, I know about long coax runs and the resulting signal loss. For him to have a direct hard wire connection to the corporate data center he would pretty much have to be in the same building. MetroPCS’s corporate data center located in the basement at 580 Mass Ave. Cambridge, MA. No, I don’t think so. Actually, even if he were in the same building, with the exception of the operators console and possibly a few production support terminals, he would be on a LAN. I suspect that the office was using a business DSL line not much different from my Verizon DSL connection. Corporate really needs to tell the field staff that if they are clueless that they should keep their month shut, otherwise it creates a very bad public image.
Trying to have a conversation with this man was a waste of time. I simply say “I don’t see how going in and replacing a credit card number with the same number is going to change anything”. The account information has been verified, repeatedly. But, he assures me that only MetroPCS hard lines can update customers account data. I could not convince him that there was even the most remote possibility that the data on the database was correct and that there was another problem. I leave the building shaking my head in disbelief.
April 19th
I go back into the system and check the status of my account for the umptine time. Sure enough., correct credit card number with outstanding, unpaid balance. O.K., it’s pretty much not possible to get a resolution in person. So, I go back to the website. I find a chat window and very briefly recount my tale. The person on the other end asks for some additional information including some unknown 8 digit PIN. I tell her that I do not know what PIN she is referring to let alone it’s value and I am informed that there is nothing that he/she can do. Wonderful.
I’m now desperate to find a solution. So, I go back to the web again, search and find a reference to *311. God I hope that I’ not going to be charged for that awful experience. I talked to Cnaaca, whose English left a lot to be desired, on a line that also left a lot to be desired. Sure enough that pesky 8 digit PIN rouse its ugly head again. That lead to her asking me the name of the street I grew up on? I replied that we moved frequently when I was a kid. I tell her that I lived on Main Street more than any of the others. But, before I could continue she started some rant about picture ID’s. I told her that we were on the phone and that I couldn’t send her a picture ID. She said that I had to take my picture ID back to office. Wonderful. Not only do I have to re-enter that nightmare but also I have to take even more time off from work to do it.
April 20th about 9:30 am
So, I return to the Cambridge Corporate Center and request to see the manager. I relate a few of the high points to Berthonia. She say’s lets login is see what you ewallet looks like. As she’s typing she drops a bombshell and say’s “Oh I see that we can’t log into you account because you forgot your password.”. I say “No, I didn’t”. She hands me the keyboard and I enter my password and she looks confused and says “ the log from yesterday say’s that you told them you didn’t know you eWallet password. First, she’s the only person to mention eWallet. Second, 8 DIGIT PIN Personal Identification NUMBER! My password is neither 8 characters nor in it numeric.
She looks at the account and agrees that everything looked right. Hallelujah! Finally after five days someone agrees that there might be a problem. She makes a call, escalates it to the regional office and goes through the whole process yet again. Delete old account and add new account and pronounces that the problem has been resolved.
Later that day I try to use my phone and discover that the service has been suspended. Wonderful!
April 22nd 9:00 am
I go back to the Cambridge Corporate Center and ask if Berthonia is there. The counter person says no and gets Peter, today’s manager. I tell him that I’m extremely unhappy that my service was suspended. He goes into the back room and comes out in about ten minutes and says, “Yesterday’s change didn’t work because the ONLY person that can do it is his teck geek who’s not in”. But then says, “that he’s fixed it.” Huh!? Do these people actually think that they are making sense? To add insult to injury he sarcastically adds O.K.?
I say no it’s not O.K.. It the worst example of corporate culture that that and I ever seen and that this six-day nightmare that should never have happened. Which, naturally, he disputes. Tells me that none of it happened including the first day in this office (April 18th). Claims that the first anyone in the company heard about my problem was the day before April 20th. Corporate policy? One wonders. I’m infuriated. And tell him that I’m going to take it to corporate and not only am I going to get a formal apology but I am also going to request a free Esteem upgrade. He chuckles, turns and as he is entering the back room tells “Me to have a nice”. Wonderful.
April 23 about 2:30 pm
I tried to make a call and discovered that my service has been suspended yet again! This is so way beyond belief. After work I called –888-863-8768 and went through a call tree that required the secret 8 digit MetroPCS code that nobody knows anything about. It was yet, another complete waste of time. Called 214 265-2550 but it was unavailable. You folks have taken the art of making it difficult to reach to unknown levels. It is virtually impossible to get a hold of ANYONE at MetroPCS. Sent several emails and fax to 214 570-5859.
April 24th 9:00 am
Went back and talked to the store manager AGAIN. God what an awful experience that was. He re-activated my service and then proceeded to lecture me about the need for me to go into eWallet and enter my new credit card numuber. I tried to calmly explain that I’ve been through the drill of deleting the old account and adding the new one. That his counter person, Jose, has performed the same drill. That his supervisor, Berthonia, has performed the same drill. That the account information and been verified and revivified numerous times. The problem is not that I’ve and others have not entered the new card correctly, but that the system does not recognize the change. How come absolutely nobody in the entire organization can understand? Before I could get two words out he had turned around was heading into the back room. He’s taken the apparent corporate policy of insulting the customer and elevated it to an art form. So, I will go in and repeat the process yet AGAIN! I expect to receive my fourth or is it fifth, at this point it’s hard to keep track of them all, Customer Care error text around 3:00 pm. That’s when I’ve received the others.
Just went in and checked and my service is still suspended. The store manager was incorrect, now that’s a big surprise.
April 25th about 2:30 pm
Talked to Regional manager, James. He explained that when the office activates you phone they enter default values for the secret PIN and security question to save them a few seconds. He said the there was nothing that he could do about that. I explained that was nice for them but it creates a nightmare for the customer. So, how is the situation helped when a completely frustrated and exasperated customer is asked questions by customer service rep, with broken English, that by definition, they can’t answer so they won’t update you account. Not that it matter a whole lot because even if they did replace the credit card number with the same number it would have not have fixed anythin. That was my complaint, but to know that they would have had to actually listen to me.
He also explained that they had a new system and after the second error message, although the changes were saved to the database the system ignored them and continued to generate error message. I asked why nobody customer support knew. Never did get an answer. Can you say NO TRAINING?
Just tried to log into my account and got the following error message: ‘You have designated this as a high security account so Web access is not available. If you feel you’ve received this message in error, please call 1-888-8metro8.” I did no such thing.
Actually, this lengthy letter is only a summary of events that included three different offices, at least a half dozen people in those three offices. A dozen emails (all noreply so I could not answer). I know because I tried.. At least four online customer service reps (and I use that term lightly, very lightly), over 30 texts all of which I answered countless online session, at least three voice messages, and countless hours of unbelievable frustration. All of this grief aggravation and time off from work to simply change one credit card number. Wonderful customer service.
So, the bottom line is that after a week and a half of this nightmare I send a email, containing this letter of complaint, to the three corporate executives listed here. I waited an hour and a half and the phone was still suspended. So, I sent a second email and within a half hour the problem was fixed.
May 19th about 5:10 pm
Today at 5:10 pm I received the following text 6416: Please pay $50.00 by 05/19/12 for Acc [email protected]/pay to avoid service interruption. Terms&Conditions apply.
As you well know this account is on autopay.
The account information has been verified by me (repeatedly)
and by the Cambridge Corporate Center Supervisor Berthonia,
and by the Cambridge Corporate Center Store manager Peter,
and by the regional manager James.
They also all gave me assurances that the problems with the Autopay system had been resolved. Clearly they have not. Not that I think anyone cares, but along with the processing problem MetroPCS is developing a SERIOUS creditability problem. Here we go AGAIN! The nightmare that never ends!
May 22nd 11:30 am
Well the regional manager logged into my account and comfirmed that the autopay account was set up correctly. Wait a minute didn’t the supervisor of the Cambridge Corporate Center do exactly the same thing over a month ago (see April 20th). After five weeks we’re still doing the same things over, and over, and over.
May 25th 7:30 am
For two days now every time I try to send an email I get the following error message. “Network is unavailable! Please try later…” And when I try to access the Web I get a “Web page not available” error message. I’d take it to the corporate center but from my expereince I know more about it than they do. I’ve checked Wireless & Network settings and everything looks good. I’ve also checked Location & security settings and Accounts & Sync Settings and everyting looks good. I’ve powered-off and on several times. Maybe you should reconsider my upgrade request?
May 26th 7:30
I’ve updated my phone using *228, which did nothing. The next step is to go back to the Cambridge Corporate Center. AGAIN!

MetroPCS corporate culture and/or corporate policy is nothing short of bizarre. A month ago I complained to the regional manager, James, about horrible customer service at the corporate office and was told, “I have no control over the retail stores. There’s nothing that I can do”. So today at t a few minutes after 9:00 I arrive at the Cambridge Corporate center. I wait in line for over 20 minutes. Just as I’m about to be severed Peter comes out and announces that Berthiona is not working today and since I made complementary remarks about her in my complaint, she is the only person that he will allow help me tells me to return an Tuesday and throws me out of the store.

I’m driving away and my cell phone rings. The call is from MetroPCS. It’s Peter and he asks me to return. I get back and he tells me that he just received a call from James and now he would address my problem. I’m totally confused, but at least after a week I don’t have to wait three more days.

A recent article in the Boston Globe reported that AT&T and Sprint’s customer service has improved to the point where there is no difference between the top four carriers. “Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has made improvement in customer service central to his tenure.” Apparently, this is not the case at MetroPCS. My guess, which is purely speculation, is that Sprint and MetroPCS are in merger negotiations. This would account for the apparent callous attitude that permeates MetroPCS. While, IMO, this merge would be bad for MetroPCS’ rank and file it would be probably the best thing that could happen for it’s customers.

Six week long nightmare because I updated a credit card number. Something that you’d think was an everyday, run of the mill transaction.

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