Thong Tran

Fortress Will Buy Mt Gox Creditor Claims for $900 Per Bitcoin

Yes. Last time I heard, customers of Mt Gox whoever loss their money with Mt Gox will get compensated in fiat with a lock in fiat value during the time, which is around $700 $800 or maybe $900. So if this is true I don’t see why everyone cannot get compensated because if the left over Mt Gox Bitcoin balance have on hand at the moment, shouldn’t be any issue compensating customers because the value of BTC at the moment is over $12,000. So if you loss let say 10 BTC with Mt Gox, you will compensated with $9,000 instead of $120,000 or 0.75 BTC instead of 10 BTC. That’s sucks if the ruling was indeed in fiat.