Thong Tran

Bitcoin price hit $20,000.00 per BTC

Today Bitcoin (BTC) hit all time high $20,000.00 (USD) January 2018. Sadly it didn’t last long before falling like a rock back down to $2,200.00

I must say during this time, my portfolio was about $2.5Million, and I did sold some and yes I paid tax, lots of tax, like $40,000 in tax back in 2018. During this time I remember telling my wife that we have nothing to worry about our future finance as long as we maintain the same living cost and my wife doesn’t have to work. However sadly it didn’t last long before BTC went from $20k down to $2k within a month or two then stuck there for a great while. Off course I was a little depressed but I didn’t loose faith, I know that one day it will go back up again, and probably the same thing will happen, up big time then down big time, so you know what to do then? yes sell and pay your tax.

I remember asking my family members to see if they needed any help, feeling like a hero, but I knew that it will not last long, it could go down anytime, so luckily I didn’t show off that I’m like a rich person or anything, I just ask if they need help and stuff that’s about it.