Thong Tran

I quit working for a company that I worked for 20 years

I quit working for Applied Materials Inc.back in early 2017 after working there for 20 years. I became semi-retired. I was 40 years old when I left. It was a good company to work with considering the benefit, but as the company reorg and move around (relocate) too much with new management people I don’t feel I can fit in much as the pressure pushing me to work long hours and also I had enough money to retire so I decided to call it quit.

I had about $350,000.00 worth of stocks and 401k at the time, which is not enough to retire nicely, but I had side business for a very long time now which can sustain me for a while. I was doing multiple things on the side, selling on the internet and provide services related to computers, basically 99% telecommute. The biggest risk I took was spending all of my free time into the Cryptocurrencies research and investments.